101.1 The name of the organization is Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC (G.A.I.N.).  Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore, Th.D., D.Min., is the Visionary, President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


201.1 G.A.I.N.  believes it is time that people of all entities and faiths come together to build the cooperation of interfaith alliances and networks of individuals and organizations that commit to put their differences aside and work towards the
same goals on major issues affecting all peoples.  We are in a diverse world where issues are facing us that no one faith leader, person or organizational entity can face alone.  It is difficult for some faith-based, organizational and mission leaders to clearly grasp that the global forces in the 21st Century cannot be fully addressed by a single entity and that globalization is not some fairytale.  The world is steadily changing and our thinking cannot remain localized.  We must accept that the forces of preparation (management, provision and production) have resulted in globalization constraints and concerns that have affected the execution of sustainable development and missions.  We must look at the full impact of how we live, work and what we are dealing with in families, churches, organizations and our own lives.  

201.2 G.A.I.N.  believes it is time for leaders and grassroots to have a safe place to dialogue and focus on common concerns to strengthen each other within ourselves, inside our own comfort circles and at the same time reach out to others who are dealing with the same issues and learn how we can solve some our commonalities for the benefit of all.  We must develop our collective thoughts and collaborate with the right people so that we can make a difference in the quality of life of all peoples.  Technology, social media and the mingling of diverse cultures has forced us to think about what, how and when we take action on issues that affect our own livelihood and communities.  We must think about how we reach and teach diverse peoples of different cultures to create effective ministries and productive businesses.  With our different views and beliefs, we must come together on common issues that affect all of us at all levels.  We may have to agree to disagree on some issues and move forward with those things we can resolve.  We cannot govern what is happening with globalization without being influenced by what is going on in the world, not to exclude our own towns, states, regions and nations.  We certainly cannot exclude our children, grandchildren, others children, families, workers and church members.  There are many stakeholders with an interest in living an abundant life with poverty, global crisis, social justice, natural and human disasters, violence, and other denominators influencing our lives.  We need to combine our resources, strategize, plan, take action and make a difference.

201.3 G.A.I.N. believes that we must view the world as one nation and accept responsibility for diverse peoples who suffer from the lack of education, homelessness, poverty, injustices, climate change, jobs, health care and other issues and include them in global mission markets.  We know that we cannot fix every situation, but dialogue, best practices and commitment to agreeable plans gives us a start to get people involved who have been left out of the equation.  We must teach our children, grandchildren and future generations to think like a species.  Global citizens must interact and collaborate to develop strategies and plans for action, looking for short and long term resolutions.  Thinking must be relevant and reach across cultures, faiths, private and governmental entities to address moral and humane imperatives that affect our globe and its peoples.  Everyone has something to offer and we can reach common ground to bring about effective changes in the way of life, without completely changing cultures and values.


301.1  G.A.I.N. networks of diverse peoples and organizations intentionally communicate and act from a global perspective for the future good of all.  G.A.I.N. global leaders, clergy, independent churches, laity, individuals and organizations of different faiths, beliefs, challenges, missions and policies dialogue, develop strategies and goals; and take action on plans, implementing change in areas that affect peoples’ lives, environment, work and worship in their communities, countries and nations.  


401.1 G.A.I.N.  provides for leadership, collaboration and strategizing with networks of leaders of interfaith organizations, clergy, individuals, nonprofit, corporate and governmental entities. G.A.I.N. works together with network teams to provide leadership advice and resources through facilitation, lectures, speaking, seminars, conferences, workshops, fellowship and informational materials to advocate, address and take action on common programs, projects and issues to improve the physical, mental and spiritual needs of peoples at home and abroad:

  • Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Eco-Justice (Climate Crisis)
  • Education (Teaching, Training, Schools)
  • Eldercare/Senior Care
  • Global Organic Farming
  • Health and Medical Care (Affordable, Mental Health)
  • Human Rights
  • Human Trafficking
  • Jobs Enhancement (Businesses, Low /Middle income, People with Disabilities, Equal Pay, Entrepreneurs)
  • Law Enforcement, Chaplains in the Communities they serve 
  • Mass Incarceration                          
  • Millennial/Youth Programs
  • Missions Programs, Projects and Short Term Mission Crusades
  • Multi-purpose Community Facilities
  • Organizational Development and Growth
  • Poverty Crisis
  • Racial/Ethnic Phobia
  • Social Justice
  • Socio-Economics
  • Sustainable Small Businesses
  • Violence:  Gun Control and Domestic Violence
  • Voting Rights and Registration

401.2 G.A.I.N.  communicates with and convenes venues for leaders and grassroots and stakeholders to mobilize, gain commitment and work together to address relevant issues to address public policy affecting people individually and collectively at and across local, regional, national and international levels.   Press Releases, Workshops, Town Hall meetings, Retreats, meetings and other venues will be facilitated with Community Leaders, Executives and representatives from government, public and private agencies, legislators and executives on Capitol Hill in Congress and in the White House to address policy, procedures and laws affecting our concerns.  Additionally, put a method in place where G.A.I.N. and partners have an active role in influencing legislation and agendas affecting global interests.

401.3 G.A.I.N. Seeks hope and support for the underserved and indigent.  G.A.I.N. promotes, coordinates and convenes workshops, conferences, seminars, and other venues to collaborate and work together with networks and partners to address and get involved, financially support and assess the impact of charitable mission efforts.  G.A.I.N. and its networks partner with nonprofits, such as the mission work of C.A.B. International Ministries, Inc. and the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention, Inc. and other nonprofit programs, projects, associations, faith-based organizations and other entities to further the progress for improving the quality of life for underprivileged people in diverse cultures and nations around the globe.  G.A.I.N. works with people on the ground and sets the framework for the unfortunate to participate and invest in their own lives by empowering them to use their skills, time and energy for sustainable development in family to family, community to community and nation to nation with a global thrust.


501.1 President/CEO

501.2 Special Assistant

501.3 Executive Director

501.4 Executive Assistant

501.5 Treasurer/Finance Manager

501.6 Executive Secretary

501.7 Contracts Coordinator

501.8 Communications/Media Coordinator

501.9 Health Advisor

501.10 Millennial/Youth Advisor

501.11 Prayer Warriors Ministry

501.12 Other Staff


G.A.I.N. Diverse Affiliations and Partners work together, as well as autonomously, for the good of all.  We work together with the premise that no one organization can resolve all issues, but there are valuable commonalities of interest and concern.

G.A.I.N. is affiliated and associated with numerous global Interfaith Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries, Churches, Conventions, Conferences, Local and State Associations, Fellowships, Interdenominational entities, Government, Non-Government, Private, Nonprofits, Corporations and individuals who are interested in globalization and making a difference in the lives of all nationalities.  G.A.I.N. affiliates and partners seek to impact socio-economic factors, cultural and policy complexities and opportunities affecting the lives of a diverse group of peoples.  Partnerships are welcome to work together with G.A.I.N. to develop strategies, goals, and plans that make a difference.  The President/CEO is consistently leading, convening and participating in various venues addressing globalization program areas.  This global alliance of networks was organized for diverse peoples and entities to work together to resolve issues where there are common concerns and opportunities for change. 


Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore
Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC
110 Maryland Ave., N.E., Suite #203
Washington, D.C. 20002
Phone: 571-331-3874