CAB Evangelistic Crusades

CAB Evangelistic Crusades have a major impact on communities in the Philippines and other locations in the world where others do not go.  Families, including children, come from miles around; are encouraged with lessons and messages of hope; food, clothing; and medical care.  Hundreds of souls accept Christian salvation and better lives because of the mission work.  The CAB teams travel and volunteer at their own expense to serve humanity with love and care.  Mission donations are used to help the people in the community by community. 




Plans for education, outreach and evangelistic programs to assist poor Haitians in Haiti’s local communities.  Currently, this project implemented a program that helps to plant  trees in needed areas to help regulate the affects of the weather and floods. Mainly, the Haiti Project provides jobs for the less fortunate to feed their families, to provide education for poor children and to live healthy lives. Volunteers help the Haitian’s in poor communities by providing training and education to improve their skills to work effectively, and provides jobs in the tree planting program. Your donations are needed to expand the Haitian Project to help the less fortunate through CAB - Givelify.

CAB Medical and Health Ministries Mission Trips


CAB Outreach International Ministries Medical and Health Mission is ongoing throughout poverty stricken and tribal communities, especially in the Philippines.  This mission effort provides the ability for indigent families to be healthy and active. Medicines, eye and dental care, health and nutrition materials, medical supplies and much more are needed to help indigent families have a quality of life.  Proper medical care helps children attend school; helps parents be healthy to work and feed their families and much more.  With the help of CAB Physicians and medical volunteers, children and families receive free help for such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, immune diseases, immunizations for children, eyeglasses, dental, medical care and much more.  Your donations are important to help obtain such items as medicines, supplies, eye glasses and more for the well-being of the less fortunate.  

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CAB Youth Camp Programs


CAB Outreach International Ministries Summer Youth Camps Programs help youth who typically cannot afford to attend Youth Camps in the summer to further their education.  As part of the summer curriculum, the CAB Christian Academy in the Philippines provides learning activities during the summer camps for less fortunate students.  With support from Mission friends  and partners that are concerned about educating youth, the CAB Summer Youth Camps provide an opportunity for poor children to enhance their knowledge.  You can help by sponsoring poor children with your donations to support

​CAB Youth Camps Mission Work.  Your donations are received through Givelify.