Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore, Sr., ThD, DMin


Bishop Baltimore is a well respected global Interfaith Leader, Humanitarian, Missions Leader and Educator. He serves faithfully as the Senior Pastor and Leader of the International Community Baptist Churches, USA and the Philippines. 

Bishop Baltimore served with distinction as the 19th President of the ​Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) leading 2.5 million international members from 2010 to 2014. He was the first President of PNBC to serve from the State of Virginia. Bishop Baltimore currently serves as President/CEO of Global Alliance Interfaith Networks, LLC (G.A.I.N.) and C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries, Inc. He is the visionary and founder of the Carroll A. Baltimore Christian Academy, Inc. and the C.A.B. Southern Mindanao Theological Seminary. He serves as a leader with a number of diverse organizations including, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, African American Outreach Advisory Council; Columbia University’s Center on African American Religion; Creative Ministries, Inc. on Global Warming; and the National Religious Partnership for the Environment; Shoulder to Shoulder; Sojourners and other religious and secular organizations dealing with global strategies, plans and opportunities. Bishop Baltimore’s leadership has spanned the globe and resonated with world leaders, executives and the grassroots. He is consistently sought to speak, lead and provide advice on issues that affect the lives and cultures of peoples throughout the globe.

Bishop Baltimore is the President/CEO of the Global Alliance Interfaith Network, LLC (G.A.I.N.). This organization of diverse organizations and individuals was organized to galvanize faith-based and community leaders across denominations, independent and government leaders and grassroots to intentionally network, collaborate and take action on issues where there is common ground on public policies, community partnerships and issues for change. G.A.I.N. is addressing issues affecting the local, international, regional and international peoples of different cultures, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. President/CEO, Bishop Baltimore continues to partner, lead, facilitate, moderate and participate in global dialogues and venues pertaining to missions, social justice, eco-justice, education, cultural diversity, human trafficking, human rights and education. The goal of G.A.I.N. is to bring together peoples from different perspectives to address and take action on program areas of globalization that affect personal lives, communities and multicultural people throughout the world.

Bishop Baltimore has served on six continents, more than 40 countries, led over 80 global mission crusades and planted over 30 churches in Africa, Philippines, India, South Korea and Jamaica that have expanded to other churches from the original churches. He has ministered in countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Haiti, South Vietnam, Europe, Germany, Fiji, Cuba, Barbados, Bermuda, West Indies, Cuba and numerous others. He has trained a number of missionaries and ministers that adopted his model for missions and church planting. Bishop Baltimore is known for reaching all ages with his lectures and sermons that have been broadcast in over 135 countries. He has been featured in publications and films related to experiences in his ministries and practical applications of life. Bishop Baltimore’s relevant and prophetic messages are used as part of the curriculum in universities and seminaries for candidates to earn academic credits and develop their own ministries. Frequently, he meets ministers who bring credibility to the fact that his writings are extremely useful and affects their lives in ministry and education. He has lectured at several colleges and universities such as Tuskegee University and the Union Theological Seminary. He has been featured in a number of magazines such as Inside Climate Change, Rejuvenate and other publications expressing his experience, values, opinions and views. He is currently writing a book and has authored several handbooks addressing ministry.


During his presidency of PNBC, Bishop Baltimore’s strategies, goals and action plans served to “Secure the Future” of the core values of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC).  He led the 50th anniversary of the convention in Washington, D.C. where the Secretary of Education made an inspiring speech encouraging PNBC to continue its advocacy and education for all. Bishop Baltimore made a significant effort that reinforce and raised funds that supported the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Bishop Baltimore and his administration served as advocates for the well being of mankind and continued to work diligently making a difference in eradicating some of the problems facing constituents, cross cultural communities, nations and the globe. Bishop Baltimore took action that assured the convention’s role in having a clear and important voice in the development of public policies and legislation, especially those that had implications on the quality of lives our children and future generations of the disenfranchised and middle class. During Board and Annual sessions, Bishop Baltimore invited and exposed his constituents to networks of congressional policy experts, decision makers and interdenominational leaders that provided the convention delegates with resources that could be used in their own lives, churches and communities. He provided program and immediate leadership for PNBC involvement and response to natural disasters in the United States and overseas. As a former service member, he provided leadership for wounded warriors and people with disabilities.

​Bishop Baltimore increased diversity and inclusiveness by expanding the role of Women in Ministry and the younger generations of Clergy. Working with the PNBC National Youth Director, he invited speakers like Judge Gregory Mathis, Rev. Bernice King and musical celebrities like Kathy Taylor, The Williams Singers and other musical celebrities that the youth respected and could be encouraged by their success. He represented the convention by advocating for the millennial generations, seniors and justice for everyone. Bishop Baltimore convened forums and participated with organizations dealing with relevant issues involving poverty, health care, hate crimes, violence, human trafficking, economic, social and climate justice. Bishop Baltimore enhanced partnerships with interfaith, educational, corporate, interdenominational and faith-based, government and corporate leaders. During his tenure, Bishop Baltimore’s negotiations and ideas provided mutual benefits in financial and management endeavors that yielded revenues and support for the administrative and programmatic work of PNBC and its partners. 

Bishop Baltimore’s leadership was sought by the White House Administration, Congress and Executive Departments for advice and participation as a presenter at the first White House Summit addressing human trafficking/sex slavery; Health Care, Education, Gun Violence and Global Warming and as a panelist on numerous other White House Initiatives. He was constantly asked to participate on congressional steering committees and provided advice and clarity at other crucial decision making sessions held by the administration and Executive staff. Bishop Baltimore served as a leader of The Agent Orange Interfaith Delegation to Vietnam sponsored by the Ford Foundation to further deal with the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Because of his experience and leadership, Bishop Baltimore was invited by the Ambassador for Indonesia to provide leadership in a historical journey to the Middle East with a select and diverse group of national religious leaders that explored the issues involving peace, understanding and education for stakeholders.  He was selected to participate in the follow up discussions with the Administration and congressional representatives. During his tenure, Bishop Baltimore’s leadership was well noted in the African American Leaders Collaboration that provided over $1 million dollars that built homes for displaced people in Haiti for disaster response. During the collaboration’s trip to Haiti, Bishop Baltimore personally provided funds to start a Haiti Tree Planting Project to help with eco-justice and to help boost the economy. This is a follow up to Bishop Baltimore’s personal ministry’s interest in improving the lives of Haitians. 

In 1992, Bishop Baltimore organized and is President/Chairman of C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries, Inc. (C.A.B.), a non-profit mission organization. 96% of all donations are used for the work on the mission field. The C.A.B. Model alleviates cultural and religious barriers through partnerships with a diverse group of domestic and international clergy, missionaries and skilled professionals. C.A.B. Outreach Ministries is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides free eye, medical and dental clinics and educational facilities in communities and remote areas. For over 30 years, Bishop Baltimore has led teams of clergy, missionaries and professions who volunteer their time on short terms mission crusades. Bishop Baltimore and his family personally donates their time and funds to serve the unfortunate and reach the lost. He founded the Carroll A. Baltimore Christian Academy (Pre-K through High School), the C.A.B. Non-Formal Education programs for alternative learning and vocational training; with satellite schools in rural and mountainous areas. He also founded and organized The C.A.B. Southern Mindanao School of Theology (CAB SMST). Graduates from this school then work in pioneer areas to further implement the “C.A.B. Model” and philosophy of multicultural inclusiveness in evangelism and missions. 

​Prior to his presidency, Bishop Baltimore served on many civic and international organizational boards and commissions. During his PNBC tenure, he expanded his reach to include the National Council of Churches; the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital “Sunday of Hope” Advisory Board; and the School of Theology & Ministry “Christian Circle of Peace”, Seattle University, Washington; the Board of Directors, Church World Services, and the Mission Relationship & Witness Committee, Vice Chair of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty and others. Bishop Baltimore intentionally increased PNBC networks of individuals and organizations partnerships and could be counted on to participate as a leader and voice with integrity. 

Throughout his career, Bishop Baltimore served on the Board of Visitors (Trustees) at George Mason University, Virginia, helping to shape, influence and guide the university’s current diversity programs. He provided significant input that introduced extensive programs, such as the school of law. He served on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee and Consortium for Continuing Higher Education; and the Project Advisor for Higher Education Programs in Northern Virginia; the Mayor of Alexandria’s Special Task Force for the Teen & Adolescent Pregnancy; Board of Trustees and Professor of Homiletics, Missions and Evangelism, at the Eastern Theological Seminary, Virginia; and the Board of Trustees, Epic Bible College, Nigeria. Bishop Baltimore was the first President of the Bethany House, a safe place for abused and battered women in Virginia; Virginia representative at the National Summit on Africa, introducing and defending the need for a global child labor and slavery policies that influenced U.S. Foreign policy for Africa. He is an organizing member of the Virginia Coalition for Africa; and served as a member of the Children’s Defense Fund. 

Bishop Baltimore was given special recognition by the President of the United States and the County Board of Supervisors, for serving admirably for over 25 years as the first African American Police Chaplain in Fairfax County, VA. He was appointed as a “Captain” for his admirable work and service to his community as a Police Chaplain. Bishop Baltimore is a life member of the NAACP and Northern Virginia Baptist Association, Inc. He is a member of several ministers’ conferences in Northern Virginia and the PNBC Virginia Fellowship, as well as several other states, local, national and global organizations. 

Bishop Baltimore has earned bachelor, master and doctoral degrees with academic honors. He graduated from the Luther Rice College, Georgia; George Mason University, Virginia; International University Seminary, Florida; and the Washington Baptist Seminary, Washington, D.C. Bishop Baltimore is pursuing another doctoral degree at Virginia Union University, Samuel Proctor School of Theology, Virginia. In addition to his academic degrees, Bishop Baltimore was bestowed honorary doctorates in Missiology, Ministry, Humane Letters and Divinity for his extensive work for humanity.


​Bishop Baltimore is married to the lovely Dr. Liz Baltimore. They are proud parents and mentors.